The Truest You (Things Change)

Oil, Acrylic, Marker on canvas.

I wrote something on the back of this and it faded away. A faded thought in time about something that probably no longer matters in present tense but meant the world to me at the time. I think it was about a Love for someone who I couldn’t pin. They kept changing faces as if it were a game to be played. So I ended up loving all the faces they put up and I believe that scared them even more into retreat. No more games, no more guessing games.

CityScape (philly skyline)

This is my first attempt at a city landscape, and I completed this at a painting with a twist session. The stiffened generic brushes really worked to my advantage here. I think I’m really loving the whole social painting thing. I should do it more often.

Acrylic on canvas. Can’t remember the size, but this one was snatched up by someone at the painting party because they loved it so much. She hung it up in her office. 🙂

*Note: attempt more landscapes.

“Falling Giants”

“I let it fly. It died when it returned to rest on my shoulder. Lost a bit of morality being this bees keeper. Because I still had it’s honey on my lips. I spoke in whispers but tightened my cold clamy fists. And aided in killing the dreams. Cutting silver cords and letting them drift. Sway away to return to their love thirsted docks. Far & Away. David on July 22nd 2017. Signature.”- David Izaguirre Jr.

“We Go Way Back”

“Your nature is not an error. I enchant and recant once upon a time, I was hungry. So we became scavengers, I entertained this dark passenger as he led me off my path or maybe showed me something that I needed. Like the value of surviving in the dark cold desolate universe”.