“Ya (Enough)”

image“Ya (Enough)”- Oil on Canvas. 3ftx6ft 2012

     It was once said that I was like a circle, repeating the same actions like a madman. There was a stagnation, with no hope for change. In this piece, I wanted to symbolize that very sentiment with the idea of solution, resolution, a release, and a farewell to a particular situation of that time. 

     This piece was commission based, and is owned by the estate of Dr. Milton Delgado. 

One thought on ““Ya (Enough)”

  1. Milton

    This piece still fascinates me and has grown to become one of my favorite pieces. I often sit in front of it especially when I have that feeling of “Ya!” and find it conveys ever changing messages. Thank you David for giving me the gift of your art and your friendship.


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