“Falling Giants”

“I let it fly. It died when it returned to rest on my shoulder. Lost a bit of morality being this bees keeper. Because I still had it’s honey on my lips. I spoke in whispers but tightened my cold clamy fists. And aided in killing the dreams. Cutting silver cords and letting them drift. Sway away to return to their love thirsted docks. Far & Away. David on July 22nd 2017. Signature.”- David Izaguirre Jr.

“We Go Way Back”

“Your nature is not an error. I enchant and recant once upon a time, I was hungry. So we became scavengers, I entertained this dark passenger as he led me off my path or maybe showed me something that I needed. Like the value of surviving in the dark cold desolate universe”.

Do Not Enter

They said “Never, Dave. Never”. I don’t think I was the same ever again after. It sparked an entire upheaval from within. It wasn’t just a change of moving furniture around, or a new color paint on the walls, but an immediate evacuation of the soul within body. I was now looking for a new place to inhabit. Under a rock, in a cave somewhere high in a mountain with no human interaction. I had to kill the one person I loved more than anything in that small window of bright sunlight. I had to kill myself.