“Faces of Drama” (let’s see eye to eye here) 

Acrylic on Canvas. 2013.
I lost this piece. I left it outside of the home I was watching over and someone must’ve thought it was put out for trash.it was one of my developing styles pieces and was a favorite of mine, being that I painted this in front of an audience during a concert series at The World Cafe Live. The rotating colored stage lights and strobe lights weakly affected the way I saw the colors on my palette. This was the end result. Thankfully I came across this photo in an old file. 

Faces of Drama. 2013. Acrylic on Canvas.

If found, please contact me here! J/k

“Ya (Enough)”

image“Ya (Enough)”- Oil on Canvas. 3ftx6ft 2012

     It was once said that I was like a circle, repeating the same actions like a madman. There was a stagnation, with no hope for change. In this piece, I wanted to symbolize that very sentiment with the idea of solution, resolution, a release, and a farewell to a particular situation of that time. 

     This piece was commission based, and is owned by the estate of Dr. Milton Delgado.